Med Marine and OMMP Signed Significant Contract for 6 Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

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Med Marine and OMMP Signed Significant Contract for 6 Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

Med Marine and OMMP Signed Significant Contract for 6 Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

Med Marine, a leading shipbuilder with a perfect track record in the maritime industry, is proud to announce the signing of a significant contract with OMMP for the construction of six state-of-the-art azimuth stern drive tugs. The momentous contract signing took place at the OMMP headquarters in Tunisia in November 2023, marking a promising partnership between the two industry giants.

OMMP, having launched a competitive tender process, selected Med Marine as the trusted partner for the construction of these crucial vessels. Med Marine's commitment to professionalism in the tugboat building sector and its exceptional ability to deliver turnkey vessels were key factors that influenced OMMP's decision. This contract will signify the beginning of a fruitful and enduring collaboration between OMMP and Med Marine.

The six azimuth stern drive tugs, each boasting a substantial 28-meter length and an impressive 60-ton traction force, are designed by the renowned Robert Allan design team belonging to RAstar 2800 series.These vessels represent the cutting edge of maritime technology, offering powerful and reliable performance in various towing and harbor operations for OMMP.

Med Marine’s C.E.O. Mr. Hakan Şen expressed profound gratitude, stating, "We are deeply honored to have won this tender. Med Marine's selection reflects our dedication to excellence in the tugboat building sector. OMMP's trust in us is a testament to our professionalism and commitment to delivering exceptional vessels. We are fully committed to meeting and exceeding the demands and expectations of our esteemed customer, OMMP."

This collaboration between Med Marine and OMMP holds great promise for the maritime industry and marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of excellence in tugboat construction and maritime operations. Med Marine is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and is poised to deliver these six azimuth stern drive tugs with the highest standards of quality and precision.

About Med Marine:

Med Marine is a leading Turkish shipbuilder and leading tugboat operator. The firm employs Eregli Shipyard, one of the largest shipyards in Turkey based on some 180.000 sqm with more than 30.000 sqm indoor areas to build state-of-the-art tugboats, workboats, offshore vessels and coated/Stainless Steel (STST) IMO II type chemical/oil tankers, either for its own operations or clients around the world. Med Marine has a very wide selection of state-of-the-art tug boat design portfolio and the shipyard is constantly being improved with advanced production standards by keeping up with latest health, safety and environmental regulations. Med Marine has successfully completed the construction and delivery of almost 200 projects, including tugboats, chemical/oil tankers, mooring and pilot boats. Eregli Shipyard, owned by Med Marine Group, has received certifications for “Shipyard Security Compliance” and “Shipyard Production Compliance” certificates to build naval ships for Turkish Military and NATO.

About OMMP:

The Office of the Merchant Marine and Ports “OMMP” (former Office of National Tunisian Ports “OPNT – Office des Ports Nationaux Tunisiens” and former State Department of Commercial Ports coming under the Ministry of Public Works) was created by virtue of the law n° 65-2 dated February 12th, 1965, modified by the law dated February 15th, 1972. OMMP is a public state establishment endowed with financial autonomy and legal status. As a port authority, the OMMP’s main task is to handle in optimal conditions of lead time, cost and safety the whole of ships and goods passing through the Tunisian ports. The activity fields of the OMMP port chain are characterized by the diversity of maritime traffic, whether line or tramping traffic, handling containers, RO/RO, passengers, cruise passengers. Thus, the OMMP manages and runs its rich and varied installations in compliance with the norms of productivity and safety: oil ports, container terminals, a passenger terminal, ore terminals, specialized installations