Harbour Towage

Med Marine

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Have been providing pilotage, towage and escort services throughout the busiest ports of Turkey; Med Marine A.Ş. is available to meet your both towage and pilotage navigations, and berthing requirements at any time, day or night, 365 days a year.

We provide pilotage to and from any of the numerous ports within the areas above. Our certified pilots are well versed in the navigation techniques required for all types and sizes of vessels.

Med Marine's modern and manoeuvrable tugs, ranging from 29 to 73 tonnes, are able to tow, escort or execute the berthing of any kind of vessel no matter the volume of the tonnage. They are all navigated by crews with experienced and reliable mariners.

From the smallest coaster to the largest tanker, Med Marine's fully integrated services ensure the safe commencement or termination of any voyage.