COVID-19 Measures on Med Marine Premises

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COVID-19 Measures on Med Marine Premises

As it is known; after Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China and it has since spread globally.

As Coronavirus situation continues to impact us all, as Med Marine, we find ourselves making daily changes to ensure ongoing safety and well-being of all of our employees and business partners. We have taken serious and necessary measures on all our premises; including the shipyard, headquarters and operational locations in ports.

First of all, the personnel working at our headquarters have been working from home since March 18th. In the shipyard and the operational locations in ports, we take all necessary actions to maintain highest health and safety conditions for our employees.

Within the scope of COVID-19, which has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the procedures performed so far in order to prevent virus spread are as follows:

  • Ministry of Health's instructions regarding Coronavirus precautions are available in different locations such as resting or smoking areas, cafeterias, and officeentrances etc.

  • Ministry of Health brochures have been made available to all shipyard and operational marine personnel in different locations such as resting or smoking areas, cafeterias, administrative building etc.

  • All personnel have been informed by the workplace doctor on avoiding physical contact such as handshaking, taking care of personal hygiene including hand washing for 20 seconds, ensuring the social distance between one another in the workplace etc.

  • Hand sanitizers are provided in the cafeteria, office entrances, WC entrances; and posters on how to use them are hung alongside.

  • Indoor offices and meeting rooms, all door handles, vessels in ports, shipyard transport vehicles, shipyard workplaces and warehouse, and all on-going newbuilding projects in the shipyard are disinfected on a daily basis.

  • Masks, overalls and gloves are provided for all personnel.

  • Visitor entrance is temporarily prohibited.

  • Logistics deliveries are made without the drivers’ leaving the vehicles. All cargoes coming to the warehouse are opened after disinfection.

  • All people entering the shipyard and the marine personnel in ports are controlled with contactless thermometers at the entrance. Personnel with high fever are immediately directed to the health personnel.

  • As part of the measures, in the cafeterias;

    • Raw fruits and vegetables have been temporarily removed from the menu in line with the instructions of the workplace doctor and shipyard manager.

    • Salt, pepper, vinegar and lemon sauces, which are in common use for everyone, have been removed. Disposable plastic forks, spoons, napkins, toothpicks, salt are supplied in packages.

    • The lunch break has been divided into 15 minute time slots to avoid crowds.

    • The number of people sitting at the tables has been limited so that few people can eat at the same time.

    • Lunch queue is marked with yellow standing points to allow necessary distance between people.